What You Need to Know About Forklift Certification


Becoming a forklift driver or operator is one of the easiest, albeit a bit tedious, jobs which can be done nowadays. Driving a forklift and transporting different kinds of heavy cargo and other objects may be a bit boring. However, it pays pretty well at a minimum of $15 to a maximum of $20.


But you are completely mistaken if you think that you can just get off your couch, go to a warehouse and become a forklift operator. There are numerous things which you need to undergo. Here are some of those:


The first thing which one needs to know about forklift driving is the required educational attainment of the individual. According to the law, and as preferred by most companies, any 18 year-old with a high school diploma can become a forklift driver. Of course, one must be able to finish training in a school or workplace which is accredited by the OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


Training for forklift certification, just like training for other jobs, will start with sit down lecture inside a classroom. Information regarding the machinery to be used, the load to be carried or handled and safety measures will be tackled here.


This will be followed by the actual training for driving a forklift. Like cars, there are different brands and models of this sort of vehicle. In some really good institutions, forklift operator wannabes are trained to drive in different kinds of environment such as in mountainous terrain and even with pedestrian traffic.


Certification will come once the hopeful completes the training (both the classroom lectures and supervised driving). OSHA also requires everyone to undergo refresher training because there are a lot of new ideas, information and innovation regarding forklifts and forklift driving which may be beneficial for those already working.


Do take note that once a certified forklift driver transfers to a new job, it is possible that a new certification may be asked of him or her once more. Forklift operators may be well trained in whatever and wherever they have been working since they have been doing it for years. However, new environments would necessitate new training. This is the reason why a new certificate must be taken.


The best thing today is that you can easily get a certification from OSHA online. You can learn everything you can about forklift driving on the net and even take the test there. Of course, you would have to do the supervised driving in person. But still, this makes everything more convenient and easier for most people.